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You think I got to be this fat overnight?   It felt like it, but the reality is that it took a lot of long hours of dedication to eating the wrong foods, not exercising, and just generally abusing my body.  I’m a goal oriented person (and also a list maker), so I’m really going to map out my plan of attack on ditching this horrible fat suit that I’m wearing.

1.  Dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to cardio of some kind.  I’m a fat bastard that realistically will not be starting out running a marathon, but I can definitely go for a walk/jog, hop on my elliptical, or ride the stationary bike at the gym.  I will use this blog to record my activity as well as on SparkPeople and Mamavation.

2.  Dedicate at least 30 minutes 3 days a week to toning my body using weights.  This one will take a little research as I want to make sure that I’m doing things correctly.

3.  Eat breakfast everyday.  Whether it’s an apple, oatmeal, or an egg.  A nutritious breakfast will help keep me on track.  Which brings me to my next item….

4.  I WILL WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING THAT I PUT INTO MY BODY.  This means I will measure amounts, study nutrition information, and try to be as exact as possible.  I will track my information using SparkPeople and will also post on this blog.

5.  I will wean myself off of Soda.  I’ve already made the switch from regular to diet, but I need to just give up the bad habit all together.

6.  I will drink more water.  If I go out to a restaurant, I will order water to drink and nothing else.  I will try to remember to bring my water bottle with me wherever I go.

7.  I will not overwhelm myself with the rather large amount of weight I need to lose.  Instead, I will concentrate on 1o lbs at a time.

8.  I will measure myself monthly.  I will research to make sure I’m measuring at the right place.  I will track my measurements on SparkPeople and post them on my blog.  Embarassing, but effective.

9.  I will weigh myself weekly.  I will track my measurements on SparkPeople and post them on my blog.  Prepare yourself for being super grossed out.

I hate this picture.  It is now officially a “before” picture.
This is all that the anal retentive part of me can handle for the moment.  Will post more later.