The theme for this week’s mass was forgiveness.  You see, in order to heal yourself from the bad and negative things that happen in your life, the first thing you must do is forgive.  Forgiveness sucks the poison out of the wound.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about forgiving myself for the crappy way I’ve been treating my body.  The overeating, eating bad food, and to be honest, I haven’t opened myself up to the wide world of good food possibilities.  I’ve been living in the butter saturated, deep fried paradise that I just cannot handle anymore.

Now that the weather is starting to cooperate on the east coast, I am looking forward to taking my kiddos for a walk in the mornings! My goal for this week is a 30 minute walk completed before 11 am!

I’m winning the fight against Pop!  I’ve been drinking water instead and I’m feeling great!  YAY!!!

All-in-all, it’s been a decent week that was capped off by celebrating my 5th anniversary WITH my husband.  This is a big deal for us because usually he’s off doing the soldier thing.  We were married 9-11-2006.  Yeah, I know how weird that sounds but it was the only time we could do it.  I made a red velvet cake (we shared a piece of red velvet cake at our wedding dinner when we got married) with homemade cream cheese frosting.  It was all pretty and homemade looking on my shabby chic white cake pedestal waiting for us after our dinner out.  When we came back, 3/4 of the cake was gone.  It seems our black lab, Soda, decided to help me stay with my lifestyle change.  All I could do was laugh when I saw the carnage.  DH on the other hand was furious.  He’s a bit of a chocolate freak and was looking forward to the red velvet deliciousness.  Oh well, I guess that’s life with a dog.