Well, another week has passed.  I sucked last week.  To be honest, the only thing I really accomplished was getting a kidney infection and drinking water.  I wish weight loss was immediate.  This journey is so hard and I’m so tired of dealing with the ups and downs.  I need some sunshine and blue skies, not the constant fighting with my inner-demons to stay on the right track……avoid those delicious french fries….just say no to cheeseburgers……

Where am I now?  The very beginning.  Beginnings are hard.

Bitching Complete.


Now, what am I prepared to do this week?

1.  Continue drinking water!  The Brita Challenge has been really good for me.

2.  I’m going to park far away and walk into all the stores/appointments.

3.  Saturday is my naughty food day this week.

4. Gym it for at least 30 minutes.