I am having problems portioning my meals correctly and listening to my inner voice.

This week I want to quiet the voice inside of me that wants me to keep eating when I’ve already eaten enough.  I enjoy food a lot.  I like the way flavors come together and make me feel.  I just wish I would stop force feeding myself until I feel like I’m going to explode after dinner.  This has been all I’ve ever known. I’m not sure why it’s scary to me to change this, but I’m feeling rather uneasy about it.  I’ve been using measuring cups to measure portions, but I haven’t been sticking to those portions the way I should.  Again, I think it goes back almost panicking that I’m not stuffed to the point of puking.

Water intake has been awesome.  I can tell I’ve been drinking a lot of water (other than always having to pee) because food and drinks have started to taste different.  Diet Coke tastes sweeter…..things have more flavor.  Feeling good on that front.

H’ween is tonight.  Gotta carve pumpkins, buy candy, and find something for my little man to wear.  Candy has never really been much of a temptation for me.  I’m not really a big chocolate fan.

Today is Meatless Monday at my house.  I think I’m gonna make the broccoli cheese soup from my new Spark People cookbook.  We can eat it before Trick or Treating during pumpkin carving time.

Also, I’m starting the Mamavation/Gruntstyle 2 week challenge today.  Hopefully I can get it done during nap time for the kiddos.  If not, then definitely after I get them in bed!  Just found my tape measure, so measurements will be recorded!