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This have finally happened! Let’s list the blessings that today have brought….

1. I am down 2 lbs for the week. I have done my best to listen to my hunger cues, drink plenty of water, and watch my portion size and it has really helped! These two pounds came off at a great time. It’s been a great boost to me today!

2. I was invited to be a Mamavation Sista! I really love the idea of women with a common goal supporting each other instead of cutting eachother down. I’ve been doing my best to read and comment on other blogs, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know some women with similar ups and downs.

3. I’ve been able to actually run lately. Not far….but it’s definitely a start. I think I’d really like to get into it.

This week I’m gonna keep on listening to myself when it comes to eating when I’m hungry…..and then eating the right things when I AM hungry. I am determined to continue my weight loss journey during the holiday season.