So, I’ve been sliding a little bit this week. DH managed to dislocate his shoulder the day we left for Thanksgiving block leave. He’s been unable to sleep and that has made him one grouchy dude. Also, he’s unable to help with the kids…..which really sucks. I know it’s not his fault, but DANG! It’s really been wearing on me.  Now he’s leaving for a week and I’m REALLY alone (again). I’ve been eating more than I should. I don’t want to say I’ve been stuffing myself to the point of bursting all week….just kinda today actually. Going beyond my “not hungry” and hitting the “stuffed” mark. It’s emotional eating. I hate to admit that this is one of my biggest problems, and probably the most responsible for being FAT. I’ve been logging all of my food intake and today has been the glaring exception to my caloric guidelines.  I just don’t want to start a big slide.


Because there is always some kind of good news, right?  I’ve been stuffing myself with healthier options instead of greasy fast food (which would’ve been my choice before I started this quest).  Mountains of fries, greasy chicken, fattening cheeseburgers all washed down with a gigantic Coke…. if you want to get technical about it.

The other part of the good news?  I’ve recognized what’s happening and I’m throwing on the brakes.  I will not let this derail the progress I’ve made.  The journey AND the destination are way too important to quit or fail.