I’ve said before that I use the “F” word on constant basis.  A lot of people are offended by this word as was perfectly illustrated in the comment section of a Mamavation Monday post at Mamavation.  The post was reviewing (or rather, not reviewing) a book written by the CEO of Anytime Fitness, Chuck Runyon.  He seemingly has a lot of negatives to say about fat people.  We’re poor, we don’t like to work out, etc. He doesn’t seem to like us. Unfortunately for him, he’s built his business on the backs of fatties all over the country.

Where am I going with this?

Mr. Runyon and much of the fitness industry seems VERY out of touch with the heart of its customer base.  Many of us are: Fat, Obese, Overweight, Plump, Fluffy….

Not every gym is a good fit for someone.  I will definitely say that up front.  Take tours, take advantage of a trial membership, look at classes and services offered.

Please welcome us into your fitness palaces! We’re begging to be a part of the fit crowd! Here are a few thoughts/observations on how the Fitness Gods and Goddesses could welcome us mere Fluffy mortals:

1.  Offer FRIENDLY introductions to fitness equipment and classes!  Clearly if you’ve seen me,
you know that I may be a stranger to these things.  Put together reading material or a reading list to get me started on a positive foot!

2.  Perhaps organize a Fitbody Buddy system. We need to feel like we arent alone! I know there are always going to be n00bs. Noobs paired with someone familiar with the gym and working out are people that will continue coming back week after week.

3. Offer very basic classes that obese people have a chance in hell at keeping up! Piloxing is great…but how about 2-3 notches down?

4. Dont insult me to my face or through social media. I’m doing the best i can.