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I never left!

The holidays are officially over! At our house it’s more than just Thanksgiving and Christmas….it’s also both of my kids’ birthdays! DD’s is right around Thanksgiving (it was ON Thanksgiving this year) and DS’s is 2 days after Christmas. Because of the obvious cake implications, I had to place a firm ban on Christmas cookies this year. I’ll take full blame for being a Scrooge, but I know that I cannot take the temptation (even though I’ve never been much for sweets). I’m someone who will eat something if it’s there and not necessarily because I’m hungry…..ANYWAY…..

I managed to stay mostly on track throughout the Birthday/Holiday madness and I am down 2 more pounds!  Not a huge number, but it’s better than gaining!

I opted to join the 31 day challenge on Fitness Cheerleaderfitnesscheerleader.com/challenges/31

31 days and 31 different challenges! We can all do something for one day, right?

So today’s challenge was about setting goals. They had to be SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and have a Time-frame). I made four of these goals and I really want to share them with the world!

1. Lose Weight. SPECIFICALLY, I want the ability to shop for clothes in a non-plus size store/section. I will MEASURE my goal by trying on a regularly sized piece of clothing every now at then when I’m at the store. I will ACHIEVE this goal by Exercising, eating properly, blogging, attending Spark People meetings, and becoming a more active member on Spark People. I believe that with a plan I can REALISTICALLY achieve this goal. My TIMELINE to achieve this goal is 1 year.

2. Avoid Fast Food. SPECIFICALLY, I want to avoid consuming greasy, fatty, fast food. I will MEASURE my goal by tracking the amount of times I eat fast food in one month and then eat less the next month until I am no long eating it. I will ACHIEVE this goal by planning ahead! Situations in which I know I will be out and will need a meal, I will pack a healthy and satisfying meal to take with me! I can REALISTICALLY attain this goal in the TIMELINE of 1 month.

3. Read. Specifically, I want to read a variety of books to kickstart my brain. I will MEASURE my success by reading 1 book a month. I can ACHIEVE this goal by reading 1 hour everyday, and by finding and joining a local book club. This goal is definitely REALISTIC on a monthly TIMELINE.

4. Running. Specifically, I would love to run a 5k without stopping. I will MEASURE and ACHIEVE my goal by completing a couch to 5k program and then enter several 5k runs throughout the year with the initial goal of completion, and then the additional goal of improving my time and performance. I definitely believe this goal is REALISTIC in a TIMELINE that spans between now and Thanksgiving.

Not a flowery post by any means, but I believe these are things that can and WILL done with some hard work. I’m up for the challenge.