Yesterday kinda got away from me. I’ve been battling a horrible cold for the last week and my body finally screamed “ENOUGH!” last night.

Day 3 of Fitness Cheerleader’s 31 day challenge was to work out for 30 minutes. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get that done last night. My body really needed some extra sleep and I hit the hay early.  I was feeling kind of bad about it, but then I got day 4’s email…..we’re supposed to go to bed early and get SLEEP! So, I’m just going to flip flop these things and go on my merry way.

I am about to do my EA Active 2 workout.

Tonight is 30 hard minutes on the Elliptical, 15 minutes on the Treadmill, and weights!  Wish me luck!

I’ve also flipped the way I consume my calories.  I can’t eat a huge meal at dinner anymore.  Breakfast is now my biggest meal and dinner is my smallest meal.  I think I’ll be more successful this way.

Also, I need to take my measurements.  I’m thinking this is going to be a monthly thing.