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…and now I’m paying the consequences.

I ate Pizza Hut tonight. I shouldn’t have. I know it’s nutritional suicide. I managed to stay within my calories, but my fat column ballooned out of control. I ate almonds earlier as a snack and didn’t take that into consideration.

My stomach is way too full. I can feel it churning due to grease overload. I ate past the point of being satisfied. It tasted good, but it also disgusted me.

I could see the pools of grease all over the cheese. I blotted with a paper towel and was disgusted by the amount of oil that was there. I bit into the greasy, cheesy goodness. It tasted ok, but not as good as I remembered. There was a time in my life I might have eaten a whole medium pizza alone. I would’ve ordered way more pizza than my family needed so there would be leftovers. I would’ve felt ashamed about the amount of pizza I ate, and then later in the evening would’ve warmed up a few more slices to make myself feel better. Emotional eating is a slippery slope. I’m working on taming the beast. This meal would’ve sent me into a tailspin one year ago…

Today it reminds me that I’d rather stay with healthy eating and ditch the grease.