I’ve been *no shit* walking the walk this week.  Measuring and recording every stinkin’ thing I put in my mouth.  I have also been doing double duty on working out.  My #2weekchallenge Mamavation workouts have been centered around Billy Blanks Tae Bo style moves.  

*tangent alert*

It’s taken me way back to High School swimming practice in the mornings with Coach Mossness.  I was fat even back then, but dammit if I didn’t work out twice a day….  I swear I can still hear the Cake and Ben Folds Five blaring and smell the chlorine…..

*end tangent*

I’ve also been hitting the gym hard and I can feel the difference.  I used to DIE after 15 minutes on the elliptical (level 1), but now I’m powering through a 30 minute session on level 2!  I won’t lie, I still rely on TV and magazines to distract me from the fact that I’m sweating like a pig and that my legs are en fuego.   3 days a week I hit the weights.  I think that’s my favorite thing to do at the gym.  I like that I can instantly feel like I’m making a difference in my own health.  

*uh oh, another tanget*

So the high school teeny-boppers come in “workout” now.  I’m hoping this is just a phase.  The girls just kinda sit on the machines and do nothing except hope that the high school guys that are pitifully trying to get ripped by lifting weights that are too heavy, notice them.  Guess what ladies?  There are beefier and better fish out in the sea.  Also, you’re not really “working on your fitness” by just sitting on the machine.  It doesn’t work by osmosis.

*end tangent*

I’ve lost another 4 pounds this week.  I’m feeling encouraged.  I really doing it!  It’s really happening for me!  I am actually really enjoying the hard work and dedication it takes to do this.  I’m changing my life for the better.