One month from today I will be celebrating my *cough* birthday.  My birthdays tend to be terrible.  The past few years I’ve been a little withdrawn because a friend, Nicki Bunting lost her husband Bubba in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.  I am an Army wife, and this loss cut me right down to the core.  (To learn more about Bubba, Nicki, and their amazing legacy please see Bubba’s Belly Run.

Instead of being upset, this year I’m going to be accomplishing some GOALS that are easily attainable in 1 month.

I give you, my Top 10 List!

1. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.

2. Eat Breakfast Everyday

3. Continue my C25K Program. (Running a 5k in March)

4.  Finish the book I’m currently reading.

5.  Blog daily (this is good for keeping my emotions at bay)

6.  Continue to attend Spark People LIVE meetings.  Check them out here

7.  Give myself 1 compliment per day. (I tend to be hard on myself)

8. Give my husband 1 compliment per day. (I can also be hard on him too)

9.  Take a multivitamin everyday.

10. Daily Dance Parties with my kiddos.


This year is going to be different.  This year is going to be better.  This year I’m changing my life.