So, usually there’s an interesting bunch of people at my gym at 10:00 pm. Last night I was treated to one of those ‘roided out juice heads grunting like he was about to take the poo of his life…..and then he started talking about a job. It was then that I realized he had on a bluetooth and was also talking on the phone. WTF?!?! And then he kept going outside and coming back in. Are you afraid I’m listening to your inane phone conversation? I’m actually praying that my iPod headphones could go a little louder so I wouldn’t have to hear you!

Then two girls and a guy walk in. The guy (a scrawny, fit dude) has taken on the role of trainer for these two “lovely” ladies. They walk on the treadmill (slowly) for 10 minutes and head over to the weights. Then the two ladies take turns flirting with the dude (who let’s be honest, is kinda fug) and talking about how *hard* the exercises were. BTW, I’m drenched in sweat from my 35 minutes on the elliptical and the 15 minutes of weights I had been doing. These girls had NOT ONE DROP. I couldn’t listen to them anymore. I cut my workout short and went home. Incredible.

Here’s a thought. Come to the gym to work out…..not flirt with a skeezy dude.

The End.