I’m stepping outside of my shell.  This cocoon of fat isn’t holding me back anymore.  I will not be defined by a number on a stupid scale.  This seven month journey has led me down several interesting paths.

I overcame my fear of the gym.

I cut Soda out of my life. (The beverage, not my black lab)

French Fries and I had a messy break up (I’ll admit we still see each other from time to time)

I realized I was worth the hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

I ran a 5k without dying along the way….

Now I’m ready to really open myself up to the world and share my journey.  I have applied to be a Mamavation Mom!  For those that are not familiar with the program, it is a 7 week bootcamp in which Mamavation Mom’s are given FREE professional support.  Nutrition plans, exercise plans….the works!  More info can be found here!

Check out my vlog explaining why I’d like to be a Mamavation Mom!

I could really use some support, so if you’d be so kind to tweet “Hey @bookieboo! I want @wideloadroad to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support! http://bit.ly/aorv3Y” , or to stop by the Mamavation Facebook page and Let Leah know you think I’d be a great candidate, I’d be much obliged!

Whether I’m chosen or not, this journey will continue.  Failure is not an option.