“HEY!  It’s your tomorrow….”

I had to get that out. I think everything “motivational” video I watched as a kid had that song in it.  *also, crystal clear pepsi….who remembers that?!*

So here’s the deal.  Life is happening now….not 10 lbs from now.  I’ve been so focused on the future lately that I haven’t taken the time to appreciate the present.  I’ve got a roof over my head, a husband that loves me, supportive friends and family, beautiful children, and a long healthy life in front of me.  Sure, I will do jumping jacks and cartwheels if I ever fit into a size 6.  This journey isn’t just about losing weight (which I lost .5 lbs this week) or inches (6.5 in the last month).  It’s about valuing myself enough to do everything in my power to live a long and healthy life.