I woke up this morning and put a shirt on that has never fit me all that well.  There’s a little bit of bagginess to it.  Then, I put on a pair of capri’s that have always been tight.  They are loose.  I’ve lost weight.  I’ve lost inches….

Am I really doing this?  I’ve dreamed about it my whole life, but never fully poured myself into changing my life.  I’d go to the gym.  I’d eat a salad.  Inevitably I’d fall off the wagon.  Thanks to Spark People, I’ve learned to start incredibly small and build up.  Trading glasses of Coke to glasses of water.  Moving my body for a few extra minutes. Eating my FREGGIES!  Now I’ve kicked the dirty soda habit, and I’m on a 21 day exercise streak of 30 minutes or more, I feel ready to add something else to my plate.  This is where Mamavation comes in…

I’ve watched several campaigns now.  I’ve seen the difference it has made in the lives of its participants.  These women were supported. They were given access to the vast amounts of information and knowledge of people that have been there, done that and have the battle scars and advanced degrees to prove it.  I am chomping at the bit to pick these peoples’ brains.

Seven months ago I woke up tired of being fat.  This was no different than any other day, except on that particular day, I committed to doing something about it.  Failure is not an option.  Not today.  Not ever.