This week I’m doing something a little different…

I’m leaving my scale out of the equation.  In my quest to define myself by more than just the number on the scale, I’m going to actually practice what I’m preaching.

This week I’m going to be celebrating non-scale victories.  For seven fun-filled days, I’m going to find something to celebrate during my weight loss journey.  Big or little, the point is to celebrate the journey! Isn’t that what life is all about?

Today I’m going to celebrate the pair of denim capri pants that I’m currently wearing.  I know celebrating pants seems a bit silly….but hear me out! When I bought them, they were the kind of pants you put on while laying down on your bed.  Today, I threw them on and zipped them up all while standing up.  Not only that, but they are getting to be a bit baggy!   Progress is being made!

Looking at something besides a number is going to help me remain positive.  I can do this!  I think we all can!

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