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Anyone ever ask you that question? I always have a helluva time answering it. I’m a lot of things:

1. Wife

2. Mother

3. College Graduate

4. Perfectionist

5. Swimmer

6. Blogger

7. Cocktail Lover

8. Independent

9. Loyal

10. Funny

11. Space Camp nerd

12. Muppet Lover

13. Sister

14. Daughter

15. Friend

The list really is endless. Not sure why this always seems to catch me off guard. I’m not used to selling myself I guess. Usually I let my work/actions speak for me.

What is my work saying now?

My work says that I’ve lost 50 lbs since January 1. I went from being 321 lbs at my heaviest (yeah, I’m admitting to being over 300 lbs) down to the 271 lb dynamo that I am today. I’ve lost gallons of sweat. I’ve drunk GALLONS of water. I’ve cried gallons of tears. I’ve planned and measured countless meals. I’ve tracked every step I’ve taken and every morsel of food I’ve put into my mouth. I’ve logged in to Spark People every day for 8 months. I’ve attended countless Spark People Live meetings.

This is who I am right NOW



Still a work in progress. I’m not overwhelmed. I’m not scared. I’m in control. I got this.