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Our house was hit by a sickness so terrible, it pains me to even talk about it.  Fortunately, it stayed with the adults and didn’t move on to the children.  After a good long disinfection session, I finally have time to sit down and think about where I am right now, my goals for the week, and share some optimism about the future.

Last night the Mamavation Moms were chosen.  My name was not called.  I was not surprised. In fact, I felt relieved.  As great as it might have been to have my life planned out for the next 7 week, I’ve been doing pretty darn good on my own.  I like being in control of what I put into my body.  I like being in control of how I move my body.  I LIKE BEING IN CONTROL OF ME!


What can I control in the month of May?  Plenty!

1. Eating Well

What does that mean?  Avoiding the center part of the grocery store!  My challenge for this month is to avoid processed food.  I have the time and I have the skill as a cook to prepare fresh foods in a delicious and healthy way.  No more relying on hamburger helper when I’m too tired.  I will start freezing meals or preparing a few ahead of time to avoid falling back on excuses.  I will try something new once a week.

2. At Least 90 Minutes of Exercise Daily

Break it up, or do it all at the same time…..it doesn’t matter.  90 minutes of forward motion every single day.  Now that we’re moving on-post (and we’ll be staying here for another year!), I’m looking in to actually paying the crazy amount of money for the gym with the swimming pools and child care.  Swimming is comforting, motivational, and incredibly good exercise.  I want to get back to it.

3.  Stay off the Couch During the Day

The couch is so tempting to me.  Sometimes I’d love nothing more than to sit here all day everyday.  Unfortunately, that was a big contributor to being 321 lbs.  Better goal?  No sitting for over 10 minutes at a time.  Easy peasy.

4. Spark Meetings

Keep getting a few Spark People Live meetings under my belt every week.  The accountability, information, and friendship is exactly what I need to continue being successful.

5. Blog

Blog my meals, workouts, feelings.  I  need to continue getting it out there. Also, I need to include more pictures.  Must get better about pictures.


5 things that I can do to continue my success during the month of May.


Now, where am I at weight wise this week?

I have officially reached the 50 lbs lost milestone!

Starting Weight: 321 lbs

Current Weight: 271 lbs