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Last week was good for me getting into the swing of my new routine.  About a month ago I joined a gym that has child care.  My husband is gone a lot (hello broken record! I feel like I constantly say this.  He’s in the Army and his current job requires a lot of temporary duty assignments (or TDY for my mil-spouse peeps).  The only negative is that it’s farther away from my house, so it kind of requires a bit of planning.  Hubby has been meeting us at the gym since it’s minutes away from his office.  The man doesn’t need an additional workout, obviously morning PT should be enough, but he does it anyway.  It’s his way of supporting me and showing me his love.

Speaking of Army related stuff (nice transition, right?)….

Our PCS window opened.  It made us panic momentarily.  Hubby is close to a promotion, and with that promotion comes specific schooling that would also require a move.  As much as we love to travel, spending less than a year at a duty station only to be moved again was not desirable at all.  Fortunately, he was able to secure a slot at the battalion across the parking lot from his current office.  This means we’ll be part of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds/Edgewood Arsenal family for another year!  This is definitely the longest we’ve ever been at a duty station, so I’m excited for that!  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) that means it will be necessary to fully unpack our household goods from our move this summer.  I sure hope the new place has sufficient storage….

Alright, back to my weight loss….

My Non-Scale victory of the week is brought to you by H2O.  I drank all of my water for the week.  For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 140 oz a day! That’s almost 1000 oz in a week!

As far as my actual weight, I’m going to be honest and say I haven’t weighed myself.  I will say that my shirts are starting to get a little baggier, which is awesome.  Finally losing a little weight from my midsection.  Now if only my lower abdominal pooch would start decreasing a little more rapidly…..  Don’t want to get too greedy.  I may hit the scale a little later today.  Hoping for a big number!

Goals for this week:

4 Balanced Meals a day.  I’ve prepped several lunches ahead of time and there is no excuse for eating poorly.  We’re having people over on Memorial day for a BBQ.  Must research healthy and delicious side dishes to serve.

Water.  So much water.  I bought some lemons at the store to switch things up a bit.

Do 1 different exercise class this week.  Usually I camp out on an elliptical, but I need to switch things up a bit.  Maybe I’ll hit a Zumba or Bodypump class.

How are you doing?