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My name is Amanda, and I am farty.

I tend to believe that I have IBS, although I’ve never been brave enough to get tested.  It’s embarrassing to admit that this has been a problem for me for years and years.

Lately I’ve been doing some research on different changes I can make to my diet to calm things down a bit.  What I’ve found is that people with similar issues are feeling better by using the “Primal” or “Paleo” diet.

I’ve never been one for gimmicks.  My in-laws are constantly singing the praises of Atkins (another blog for another time), and I swore that I would continue to use moderation.  Well, I just feel like if I don’t try this, I’ll never know.  So, I’m taking 30 days out of my life to give this a shot.  If it works…..great.  If it doesn’t, I will frolic back to the land of ice cream, butter, and bread happily.

Today is Day 1.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices low sodium bacon, 1 cup steamed broccoli

Lunch:  1 cup pulled pork (no sauce), 2 cups romaine salad, 1/4 carrot shreds, 2 t diced onion, Lemon/garlic dressing

Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Breast, 1 c. Stir Fry pea pods, 1 c. carrots

140 oz. water

So far so good.