June started with an appendectomy and a hernia repair.  In the middle there was the death of my grandmother and a gallbladder attack.  The end saw the removal of my gallbladder and the discovery of a possibly cancerous cyst on one of my ovaries.  

A whole crock of drama.

I wasn’t able to work out for the entire month due to weight lifting restrictions, extreme fatigue, and doctors orders.  However, now that things have finally settled down, I’m back in the saddle again–ready to make my daily pilgrimage to the gym or pool.  The Olympics always seem to remind me of how much I love swimming.  I miss the competition.  Maybe that means a Masters swim meet is in my future.


I’m contemplating a trip to FitBloggin ’12 since it’s in Baltimore (a hop, skip, and a jump from here). 

I’m also in the process of finding my sense of humor again.