Life has happened.  I quit on myself for a while.  Gained some weight and indulged in some destructive habits (soda and fast food, anyone?).  But, no more.  I’m picking myself up and dusting myself off.  Life is about the living.  It’s not about the sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and stuffing your sorrows down with french fries and coke.

I went overboard with Thanksgiving.  Believe it or not, it’s not something that I usually do.  I’m happier when I’m taking care of myself.  

Today is Day 3 of no caffeine or soda.  I’m focusing on drinking lots of water again….a practice I had abandoned a long time ago unfortunately.  Even though I practically live in the bathroom (looking forward to that part calming down once my body adjusts), I’m already starting to feel a bit more energetic.  Later on today, I’m going to blog some goals and maybe explore the real reason I tried to quit on myself.