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That’s right, I’m making good on my fitness streak goal. The past couple of days I’ve explored my gym’s brand new pool! Swimming has ALWAYS been a passion of mine, so it feels good to get back in to do what I love. It’s easier on my joints and it keeps me occupied for 30-45 minutes without the secret, silent wish that somehow the time would fly and my workout would be over (treadmill, I’m looking your direction). 

While I was at the gym last night, I decided to sign up for the Y-Fit Challenge. I will be assigned to a team of 5-6 people. Every Wednesday we’ll get together for a class (nutrition information, exercise, physical challenges). There will be tracking of food and exercise, accountability, AND I’ll meet some cool new people that also frequent my gym. If I lose the most weight I’ll win some prizes. I couldn’t pass it up. Will definitely be blogging about my experiences. 

After tracking my food yesterday, I realized that I went way overboard with sodium. Definitely going to keep my eye on that for the next few days, and make sure that I’m getting PLENTY of water.