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Yesterday’s gym adventure was a bust. Why? My son decided to scratch the heck out of another kid in the daycare center, so I took him home. I had only gotten in about 15 minutes on the elliptical at that point. The very beginning of my workout. So I took him home and we cooked dinner. We had to make a stop at Target along the way, and wouldn’t you know it….he was a complete angel. emoticon 

Been having a problem with remembering to sync my Fitbit the last couple of days. If I had a Fitbit One, it would probably be a little easier. I just need to set an alarm on my phone or something to help me remember to sync at the end of the day. Also haven’t been getting my 10,000 steps in now that I’ve been swimming more. just need to find a little more time to walk I guess. 

Food’s been going ok, and today I cannot get enough water! I’ve just been so thirsty that I’m POSITIVE I will drink my 12 glasses and then some.