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Life gave us lemons yesterday.


DH was passed up for promotion for some unknown reason.  He’s not a bad soldier.  His unit loves him.  He works hard and always does the best job possible.  It’s impossible to know why a promotions board looked at his record and decided to pass.  All I know is that we are now on the road to getting out of the Army. He could try again next year, but I don’t know why we’d put ourselves through that again. Frankly, I’m grateful that we’re on this path, but definitely scared about what’s to come.  I’ve been lucky enough to be a stay and home mom to my two kiddos their whole lives.  Now it looks like it’s time for me to pitch in and get a job in an effort to take some pressure off of DH.

It’s been almost seven years since I’ve worked.  I feel overwhelmed by the prospect.  Where do I begin?  Certainly, the beginning will have to be creating a resume that I can be proud to hand out.  To do that, I’m probably going to do some research.  The job climate has changed so much…. This is scary.

I’m trying not to eat my feelings.  I can’t binge because of this.  I can, however, be sad for my husband.  He deserved this.  He works so hard and has such a well-respected opinion.  It was a major blow to his ego.  One that I’m not sure I can do anything about.  It hurts.  It hurts a lot.