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I’ve made no secret that I’m following the Weight Watchers plan/Spark People since February. Lately, I’ve been doing the “Weight Watchers Waltz”. Up two pounds–Down 3 lbs.– Up 2.5 lbs–Down 1.5 lbs. I’ve been having terrible problems with my stomach and other related areas. I’m also not moving as much as I want to or SHOULD. Time to revise my goals. I’ve realized that I don’t have a good enough blend of long term and short term goals. I need variety, and I need somewhat instant gratification. Losing 140 lbs will take time. 

Short Term (Things to do daily or weekly): 

Dedicate myself to intentional exercise DAILY. Could be 90 minutes…..could be 10 minutes. Just make sure my body gets moving and keeps moving. 

Get back to tracking everything. I fall off and get back on the wagon way too much. Need to just suck it up and stay on the wagon. I need to know what’s going into my body. 

Drink 12 glasses of water per day. I feel much better when I do this. 

Mid-Term (1-4 months): 

Complete another round of C25K in preparation for the 5k’s I’ve signed up for this summer. 

Continue to purge unnecessary household items. Clutter leads me down a dark road. 

Enjoy the summer veggies and make them the center of my meal with meat as a “side dish” 

Somewhat Long Term: (4 months-1 year) 

Attempt a 10k on Thanksgiving Day 

Take some baking classes (I’d love to get good with pastry) 

Sprint Triathlon 

Ultimate Goals– 

I want the ability to shop at J Crew. I love their clothes and want to wear them and look GOOD doing it. 

I want to wear a bikini. I’ve never worn one. More than just wearing it, I’d like the confidence to ROCK IT! 

I’d like food choices to get easier. I’d like to feel less tempted by junk.