Massive changes since March of this year have left their mark on this family (and my waistline).  I’ve grown pretty lazy.  I’ve become inconsistent with eating, working out…..

But don’t worry, I’ve at least been consistent with my inconsistency.  🙂

I have very little to show for the weight loss of efforts of years past.  All I can say now is that I feel a lot of shame about it.  However, I’m not going to let that get in the way of future success.

What am I doing RIGHT THIS MINUTE to get myself back on the weight loss track?

1. I’m back at the gym…albeit a different gym.  My previous gym had become an overcrowded and unfriendly environment.  I would dread going and eventually I stopped going entirely.  Tonight is the first night at my new place. I’m nervous, but I know that I really need to get out there and start my routine.

2.  I’ve started a different weight loss program.  I’ve gone it alone for most of this journey and it hasn’t served me well.  My new program is at the gym.  I meet with someone one-on-one weekly, they give me a fitness program, and and just generally become a thorn in my side.  I need a little extra help with accountability and motivation.  Hopefully this is just the ticket to keep me on the right track.

3. DH has jumped fully on board.  I think I’ve finally reached him.  He knows this is do or die.  I succeed, or I get weight loss surgery.  There is nothing in between.  He supportive of healthy eating at exercise.  He wants me to live a long time.

4.  I’ve been tracking (both on paper and online).

5.  I’ve made sure to make fruits and vegetables a priority in my meals.  I said MEALS.  Not just sporadically.  Every meal has one or both.

6.  I’ve been making sure that my water consumption is on point.  It’s definitely important.

Tonight I’m meeting with my trainer to put together my workout.  My program dictates at least 3 days of exercise (at least 30 minutes in length).  I’d really like to get a streak going for the duration of the month of October.

I’m a little scared about the direction my weight has taken lately.  I’m also noticing that I am going way out of my way to hide EVERYTHING.  It’s been incredibly hard for me to admit being a weight loss failure.  I am.  I have failed.  Today, I am picking myself up and trying again.