Welp, I’m still at it.  Still trying to lose this weight.  Although if I’m honest, I’d admit that I haven’t really been trying at all.  I’m back to being alone again.  Hubster works long hours.  Kids are in school.  Friends have mostly moved away.  During the week I am all alone and I haven’t exactly been handling it the best way.  I’ve fallen back on old habits (re: stuffing myself silly with junk while hiding the evidence…albeit not super well given that I’m still fat.  There is also a remarkably large butt divot in the couch).

What’s positive?

Well, I’m following Weight Watchers.  I’m attending meetings and weighing in, which helps me take some ownership in my tracking/food failures.  I even go on weeks where I know the scale will not be kind.

I’m tracking way more than I’m not tracking.  I’m tracking in my WW app and My Fitness Pal.  Multiple forms of accountability and a variety of nutritional information.  I can follow my macros on MFP, but stay within my points on WW.

I’m working out with a personal trainer once a week.  She gives me a workout to do every other day (usually weights/kettlebells/TRX), and I try to get my cardio in on the other days.  Sometimes that’s hitting the elliptical and track, sometimes that is a Zumba class.


I’m not sure if I’m getting anywhere just yet, but I’m making steps towards change.