I’ve neglected this blog in favor of my personal blog on Spark People.  That’s fine and dandy, but I feel the need to be even more accountable for my actions and weight loss.

Right now it’s an emotional time.  I’m dealing with a lot of stress, most of which is in regards to something I cannot talk about now.  The fact I cannot talk about it makes it even more stressful.  I’ve managed to continue my weight loss and recently hit the 40 lbs lost mark.  A great accomplishment.  I’m not done.  I’m not even close to done.  I have to continue on my journey and I want to share what all I’ve got going on to make it work…

Goals for April:

1. Blog everyday.  I’ve gotten a little lazy about it…even on my Spark People blog.  Blogging is crucial to my success.  Since I KNOW that I am an emotional eater, blogging will allow me to get through “feeling” my feelings instead of “feeding” them.

2.  Get back to tracking EVERYTHING everyday.  I slacked a bit in the month of March in regards to tracking.  I’ve still managed to lose weight, but I know that will probably not continue if I’m not keeping track of calories in and out.

3.  Establish a more effective routine at home.  Now that I have a gym membership at a place with child care, I can go to the gym in the morning.  I need to set up a schedule that works for me, my kids, and my house.

4.  1000 Fitness Minutes this month.  Should be easily attainable, but it will require my dedicated efforts.

5.  Focus on my 5k training.

I haven’t fallen off the wagon.  I’m not climbing back on it.  I’m working my program and I’m gonna look HOT for my man when he returns.  🙂